Rax finds a home

I love music. I love toys. I love design. I love well designed music toys even more.

For the past few years, Rax has filled that void for me; the perfect computer-brain to mash-up with my whatever-input-I-have-handy funtimes. You know, load up some funkay bass, put it through that wackjob AU effect thinger and then go to town with your Nostromo right? Right? Bueller? Anyway.

For the past year or so or maybe longer even… Rax fell on hard times. You see, the folks who made Rax also made another app. This other app was wildly successful and truly required their attention (the app in question is the very very kick-ass and broad-market-appealable ComicLife, but for now, gnash your teeth with me, even if just to humor me). And so, our dear friend Rax… was homeless.

But, being much beloved, Rax found a new home. A home which you can read about in the latest installment of N0D3 Outbound: Rax Finds a Home.

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